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Experience the power with REACT! Get diversified exposure to Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding protocols across different blockchains with one token.

NODAC Labs incubated | Powered by Avalanche Network
REACT is a collection of multiple protocols where a treasury is used to buy shares while the yields are distributed to holders as dividends.
REACT utilizes a Dual Passive Reward System – Rebase Treasury Dividends and Passive Reflection Rewards. A complementary mechanism that supports each other which is vital to the sustainability of the project.

Native Network Token Reflections

Instead of reflections in native tokens - REACT, users are rewarded with native network token such as AVAX for Avalanche Network by holding REACT tokens in their wallets.

Rebase Treasury

A certain percentage of each buy and sell transaction is collected as tax and sent to the treasury. The Rebase Treasury is the feature of the project that invests in existing and upcoming rebase protocols.

This acts both as an investment and security to users as the research team does the due diligence and initial investment processes on their behalf.


REACT token acts as the governance token which is used to vote for proposals that would bring changes to the project.

The number of held REACT tokens defines the weight of a user's vote. Simply put, more tokens means more voting power.

Efficient Buyback and Burn Mechanism

The efficiency of the buyback and burn mechanism lies in the concept of using rebase rewards to initialize the buybacks and burns. Essentially, the funds to initiate these actions are coming externally and pouring into the project. Scarcity will act to drive the price action consistently upwards.

Automatic Liquidity Pool Injection

Rebase Aggregator Capital maximizes the use of automatic liquidity injection from each buy and sell transaction.

This feature helps the project as a cushion from price volatility. The bigger liquidity pool, the better the price moves and will lead to a healthier chart.


A dApp is where a user can do anything that concerns the use of the project without leaving the website.

A dashboard that shows key metrics and tracks the Dividend Tracker balance of users and displays them. Users can also interact with the dApp to claim their rewards, swap tokens.

Earn Passive Reflection Rewards

Holders are rewarded a portion of the buy and sell transaction taxes through reflections in native Avalanche Token (AVAX)

Earn Treasury Dividends

Holders are rewarded from Rebase treasury investments. Yields are distributed every three (3) days in native Avalanche Token (AVAX)

Claim Your Reward In Different Ways

Claim your rewards in native Avalanche Network token (AVAX)

Are you bullish on a certain project? Claim your rewards in its native token.

Accumulate. Use your rewards to buy more REACT tokens with 0% Buy Tax.

13% tax

15% tax

Reflection Rewards

5% of buy fees goes to holders in AVAX

Reflection Rewards

1% of sell fees goes to holders in AVAX

Rebase Treasury

4% of buy fees goes to the Treasury

Rebase Treasury

10% of sell fees goes to the Treasury


3% of buy fees goes to marketing fund


3% of sell fees goes to marketing fund

Automatic LP Injection

1% of buy fees return to liquidity

Automatic LP Injection

1% of sell fees return to liquidity

Q2 2022 Treasury Bootstrapping Acquiring different protocol shares through rebase treasury and initiating distribution of yield dividends to REACT holders.

Q2 2022 REACT Games A series of traditional games incorporated into DeFi.

Q2 2022 REACT Ecosystem Offering of new products under the REACT brand.